USMC Departs from Afghanistan

The last Marines in Afghanistan, members of 1st Battalion, 2nd Marines; Combat Logistics Battalion 1; and Marine Aircraft Group — Afghanistan, departed Afghanistan yesterday, after a ceremony where the USMC's last base - Camp Leatherneck in Helmand province - was transferred over to Afghan National Security Forces.

The departure of the Marines (and British forces stationed at Bastion airfield) marks the end of NATOs mission for Regional Command Southwest, which oversees Helmand and Nimroz provinces in Afghanistan. Fewer than 4,000 Marines were in country in September, and all are expected to redeploy from Afghanistan by the end of the year.

The military is leaving behind approximately $230 million of equipment, buildings, and infrastructure in Camp Leatherneck and Camp Bastion for the soldiers of the Afghan National Army’s 215th Corps.

This marks the end of the Marine Corps 13-year mission in Afghanistan, during which 458 Marines died.

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