Retired Marine Gen. Matthis On Bergdahl Release

This past Sunday retired Marine General Matthis appeared on CNN's State of the Union and says that the release of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl actually makes the Taliban more vulnerable.

Gen. Matthis was joined by Army Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin and Army Maj. General Paul Eaton. During their conversation with host Candy Crawley, Matthis repeatedly emphasizes the point that this release is worse for the Taliban than it is for the US.

When asked about the danger faced by Qatar and Americans by the 5 released terrorist suspects, Matthis responded "[W]e are quite capable of ensuring these guys don't collect their 401(k)s if they want to go back into the fight... If they were real men, they would have gone down fighting. So, they're not that tough of guys." He also pointed out that for the past several years "every time we [went after the Haqqani terrorist group], we were concerned that Bowe Bergdahl could end up dead. That they would put out a DVD showing that they were killing him. And we lived with that." Gen. Matthis continued "But we no longer have that concern that they have this pawn that they can then play against us...So, there's also a freedom to operate against them that perhaps we didn't fully enjoy so long as they held Bowe as a prisoner."

In response to those criticizing Bergdahl's father for communicating with and even looking like a terrorist, Matthis had a sharp rebuke, "I think most of us got over judging people by the length of their hair by about 1975 in this country".