Marine Corps to Educate Marines on Supplement Use

In an effort to educate Marines about the various nutritional supplements available to them, the Corps is instituting Operation Supplement Safety, an education campaign running through November.

USMC News Wire

Woman fosters support group that helps fellow veterans confront issues

It was an early afternoon at the San Marcos Cafe south of Santa Fe, and Billie Russell was primed for action, right down to the .380-caliber handgun hanging off her left hip. The 4-foot-9 woman, a veteran, was surrounded by others, many who have seen combat.
19 min 46 sec ago

Beijing sends bombers over disputed South China Sea as part of training 'to win a potential war'

China's air force has again flown heavy bombers for a "combat air patrol" over the contested South China sea, part of what it calls "routine" flights in the strategic waterway.
35 min 26 sec ago

Buckley AFB's history and influence the center of new history museum exhibit

A new exhibit, "Wings to Satellites: A History of Buckley Air Force Base," will run through June 3. It aims to walk visitors through the long life of the base and raise the curtains shielding some of its mysteries.
46 min 4 sec ago

Arizona National Guard chief fights to keep Apache helicopters

The chief of the Arizona National Guard is mounting a last-ditch effort to save Apache attack-helicopter training at the Silverbell Army Heliport near Marana, as the Army moves to transfer most of the Guard's Apaches to active-duty units.
59 min 19 sec ago