Marine Corps to Educate Marines on Supplement Use

In an effort to educate Marines about the various nutritional supplements available to them, the Corps is instituting Operation Supplement Safety, an education campaign running through November.

USMC News Wire

Former prisoners of war honored in New Mexico at VA Medical Center

Bill Overmier and about a dozen other former prisoners of war gathered at the Raymond G. Murphy VA Medical Center for an annual recognition ceremony. The veterans served in World War II, Korea and Vietnam.
15 weeks 6 days ago

Yemen officials: US strike kills 3 al-Qaida fighters

Yemeni tribal and security officials say a suspected U.S. airstrike has killed three al-Qaida operatives, including the brother of the Yemeni affiliate's late leader.
15 weeks 6 days ago

Court bars ex-curator from war museum in Illinois amid allegations he had weapons cache

Officials of the Cantigny Foundation obtained a temporary restraining order against Chris Zielinski, who, until last week, had been a manager of "macro-artifacts," primarily antique military vehicles, at the military museum and park grounds.
15 weeks 6 days ago

The North Korea worry you haven’t heard of: Cyber bank robbers

Following an $81 million heist of the central bank of Bangladesh 14 months ago, suspicions slowly fell on North Korea. That suspicion has since escalated into a confident assessment by some of the world’s leading cybersecurity firms.
15 weeks 6 days ago