Marine Corps to Educate Marines on Supplement Use

In an effort to educate Marines about the various nutritional supplements available to them, the Corps is instituting Operation Supplement Safety, an education campaign running through November.

USMC News Wire

Employee using blow torch to kill weeds started Ramstein Burger King fire

The Easter fire that destroyed the Burger King on Ramstein Air Base in April was started by an employee using a blow torch to kill weeds outside the building, German authorities said Monday.
15 weeks 4 days ago

Wright-Patterson AFB airman recognized at Pentagon for actions in Afghanistan

A Wright-Patterson airman who rushed to a bomb explosion site to treat critically injured service members was honored by top Air Force leaders in a “Portraits of Courage” ceremony Friday at the Pentagon.
15 weeks 4 days ago

After difficult beginning, Osprey has good safety record, expert says

An expert on military aircraft says that although the V-22 Osprey had a very troubled development period, the tilt-rotor aircraft has a good safety record compared with other military aircraft since becoming operational in 2007.
15 weeks 4 days ago

South Dakota Air Guard selects 1st female wing command chief

Chief Master Sgt. Zona Hornstra officially took over at a ceremony Saturday as wing command chief of the 114th Fighter Wing.
15 weeks 4 days ago