Marine Corps to Educate Marines on Supplement Use

In an effort to educate Marines about the various nutritional supplements available to them, the Corps is instituting Operation Supplement Safety, an education campaign running through November.

USMC News Wire

EU launches defense fund amid US pressure to boost spending

The European Union is launching a new defense fund to get better value for money on projects such as drones or robotics as European allies at NATO come under U.S. pressure to boost their military budgets.
15 weeks 6 days ago

UAE ruling family member: Qatar now questioning its leaders

An outspoken Emirati ruling family member on Wednesday raised the prospect of Qatar's leadership changing amid a growing diplomatic crisis between it and other Arab nations attempting to isolate the energy-rich travel hub from the rest of the world.
15 weeks 6 days ago

South Korean president calls for THAAD deployment to be suspended

The further deployment of a controversial U.S. anti-missile battery should be suspended pending an environmental impact assessment that could take more than a year, South Korean President Moon Jae-in’s office said Wednesday.
15 weeks 6 days ago

Senator pushes Air Force to pay for Pease Air Force Base health study

U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen said she understood the Air Force would not conduct the study, but pointed out the U.S. Navy paid for the ATSDR to conduct "a similar kind of health study at Camp Lejeune."
15 weeks 6 days ago