More Women Officers Able for IOC

Just announced today, the Marine Corps will open up its Infantry Officer Course to more female Marine Corps officers.

Starting in October, Lieutenant and Captains in other occupations will be able to volunteer to attempt the grueling IOC, in an attempt to pull more women through the course. The Marines had hoped to have at least 100 female Marines attempt the course in the three years that it has been opened to them, but so far only 20 have attempted it. None have passed.

This won't make the course any easier to pass, since it was also announced that the women must successfully pass the male physical fitness and combat fitness test. This means at least 5 successful pull-ups - assuming a perfect score on both the run and sit-up portion of the physical fitness test.

Like the women who have attempted the IOC before, anyone that successfully completes the course will not receive an infantry specialty.

However, you must never end

However, you must never end up making your choice solely on the basis of these recommendations.