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Afghans hope — and worry — that Trump will shake things up

Stars & Stripes - 32 min 12 sec ago
Over the past eight years, Afghans have become increasingly disillusioned with the American role in their country. Many blamed President Barack Obama's policies for being a source of Afghan corruption, for air attacks that killed civilians, and for an alien troop presence that failed to stop Taliban insurgents and was pulled out too quickly.

Pet pigeons take flight in Mosul as militants retreat

Stars & Stripes - 1 hour 26 min ago
Among the many rules imposed by the Islamic State group when it seized the northern Iraqi city was a ban on breeding or flying pigeons, which many Iraqis keep as pets or raise for food.

Connecticut man imprisoned for stealing from veterans groups

Stars & Stripes - 1 hour 35 min ago
A Connecticut man who stole more than $150,000 from two veterans' groups and spent a large portion of it on internet pornography has been sentenced to 2 ½ years in prison.

Push to save Pacific Rim trade deal after US exits TPP pact

Stars & Stripes - 1 hour 49 min ago
President Donald Trump's decision to pull out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, as promised, is prompting other member countries to seek ways to salvage the trade pact.

UK government loses Brexit case, must consult Parliament

Stars & Stripes - 2 hours 5 min ago
Britain's government must get parliamentary approval before starting the process of leaving the European Union, the Supreme Court ruled Tuesday, potentially delaying Prime Minister Theresa May's plans to trigger negotiations by the end of March.

Workers dismayed by Trump's federal hiring freeze

Stars & Stripes - 2 hours 40 min ago
Federal worker Greg Guthrie had held out hope after Donald Trump's election to president that his professed advocacy for the American worker would extend to the federal workforce, too. That hope diminished after Trump on Monday issued a hiring freeze across the federal government, with exceptions only for military, national security or public safety personnel.

After rocky start, second day of Syria talks in Kazakhstan

Stars & Stripes - 3 hours 5 min ago
The U.N. envoy for Syria pressed on with efforts Tuesday to shore up a shaky cease-fire between the Damascus government and its allies and rebel factions, as he shuttled between delegates from the two sides on the second day of peace talks in Kazakhstan.

NATO chief, Mattis discuss military budgets, terrorism

Stars & Stripes - 3 hours 55 min ago
NATO's chief and new U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis have discussed military spending and combating terrorism, the source of criticism of the alliance by President Donald Trump.

3 dogs give avalanche rescuers hope but 17 people missing

Stars & Stripes - 5 hours 30 min ago
Italian emergency crews pulled three wiggling, white sheepdog puppies out Monday from under tons of snow and rubble at an avalanche-struck hotel, lifting spirits even as the search for 17 people still missing dragged on five days after the disaster.

Nonprofit trains veterans to lead, succeed in business

Stars & Stripes - 5 hours 48 min ago
Bunker Labs is a Chicago-based nonprofit that seeks to expand the ranks of veteran entrepreneurs. The idea is to connect veterans interested in entrepreneurship with mentors, educational resources and venture capital.

Israel mulls more administrative detentions, as numbers rise

Stars & Stripes - 6 hours 11 sec ago
Israel's most contested policies stipulates it can hold suspects for months or sometimes several years without charges. Israel says the policy is a key tool in preventing attacks on civilians, but rights activists say it violates due process.

Naval Academy uses hacking, cyber events to shape classes

Stars & Stripes - 6 hours 4 min ago
Cyber and hacking events have become an integral part of cyber operations classes at the Naval Academy. The Cyber Security Studies major first became available to the Class of 2016, where 27 midshipmen graduated in May with degrees in cyber operations.

Anchorage assemblyman proposes ban on pot discounts for active military

Stars & Stripes - 6 hours 59 min ago
Anchorage Assemblyman Forrest Dunbar says Anchorage pot shops shouldn't be allowed to offer discounts to active members of the U.S. military as long as buying pot jeopardizes a soldier's job.

Former soldier accused of supporting Islamic State group gets 6 years

Stars & Stripes - 7 hours 25 min ago
U.S. Attorney Annette L. Hayes said in a news release that Daniel Seth Franey, also known as Abu Dawuud, was sentenced Monday in U.S. District Court in Tacoma for illegally possessing firearms.

Georgia politicians to tour Fort Gordon cyber facilities

Stars & Stripes - 7 hours 40 min ago
The visit comes as Fort Gordon ramps up operations and preparations for the U.S. Army Cyber Command. The Pentagon announced in 2013 its plans to move the command from Fort Meade, Md., to Fort Gordon.

Trans-Pacific Partnership withdrawal muddles Asia-Pacific security picture

Stars & Stripes - 8 hours 4 min ago
With the agreement abandoned by the U.S., doubts about Washington’s regional commitment that persisted even during the Obama administration’s Asia-Pacific “rebalance” are growing louder.

North Korea may use east coast launch site for ICBM test, think tank says

Stars & Stripes - 8 hours 4 min ago
38 North, a website that monitors the isolated communist state’s activities, said Monday that a relatively new launch site near Kalma International Airport would be a “logical choice.”

Fort Drum to receive $12.5 million in cold-weather gear after being declared an Arctic Zone

Stars & Stripes - Mon, 01/23/2017 - 22:30
The new gear, which will be provided through this fall, includes specialized jackets, pants, gloves, face masks, gear covers and socks meant for conditions of about minus 16 degrees Fahrenheit.

Decorated Marine accused of having sex with students at Louisiana school

Stars & Stripes - Mon, 01/23/2017 - 22:21
Hosea McGhee, 48, was a 1st sergeant in the Marines who received numerous commendations, including the Bronze Star. He is charged with multiple counts, including two of felony carnal knowledge of a juvenile.

Cheney says rebuilding the military should be priority for Donald Trump

Stars & Stripes - Mon, 01/23/2017 - 22:11
With a growing threat and the United States’ diminished capability to deal with that threat, Trump’s first priority going forward should be rebuilding the military, according to Cheney.