Marines First to Complete Audit

It didn't make the news when it happened at the end of December, but the Marine Corps has once again led the way for the other military branches. The Marine Corps is the first branch to get an "unqualified favorable audit" for showing where all of its billions of dollars have gone.

The audit, done by the Department of Defense Inspector General, went of the Marine Corps 2012 Fiscal Year Schedule of Budgetary Activity(SBA). Although the SBA is only a part of the larger Schedule of Budgetary Resources (SBR), it covers appropriations and transactions, which make up the majority of the SBR.

Defense Secretary Panetta originally set the goal in 2011 to have all four branches audited by 2014. That deadline was recently pushed back to 2017 by Congress.

The Marine Corps annual budget of $29 billion is only a small part of the total DoD budget of $490 billion - so the audits for the Army, Navy, and Air Force may take a while.