Expeditionary Force 21: The USMC of the Future

Marine Corps Expeditionary Force 21

Expeditionary Force 21 - the US Marine Corps' road map for the coming decade - describes a Marine Corps that is self-sufficient, lighter, and more tightly integrated than the USMC of today.

This future of the Corps is described in detail in the Expeditionary Force 21 document, and it describes a Corps where, instead of focusing on battalion-sized groups, smaller, company-sized units become the norm. However, enhanced integration and communications capability with air, sea, and other land assets will offset the smaller number of Marines.

These smaller groups and improved communications mean that the same number of Marines can cover a larger area more effectively. With the need for more advanced communications equipment, it is likely that there will be fewer infantry-focused Marines and more electronics and communications specialists. This communications equipment will also need to be smaller and portable, to enable the smaller company-sized Marine elements to react quickly in the face of a conflict with a potentially larger enemy force.

With sequestration, of course, the research and development money for new comm equipment, and the training for Marines to operate it, will have to come from somewhere, and that likely means shrinking the size of current Marine units in order to free up funds and personnel.

It's not clear how many of the Expeditionary Force 21 will be achieved in the 10-year target, but the USMC will continue to assess and modify these goals each year, in order to maintain their potency as a combat force.

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